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Life has been keeping us busy as usual with our Grantourismo project now well and truly under way; you can keep up with our travels and what we're doing here. We've had a …

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Where travel writers stay when they go on holidays


Which hotels do travel writers check into when they go on holidays? That's what Mark Hudson, a writer himself for The Sunday Times, among other publications, was keen to know, so he asked …

Where travel writers stay when they go on holidays2012-01-04T11:55:19+07:00

Cool Travel Guide’s Posting Policy


While the vast majority of comments I get on Cool Travel Guide are wonderful and warmly welcomed, I've received a few comments over the last year that have caused me to reflect upon …

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What is Cool Travel Guide?


One of the reasons I began Cool Travel Guide was to write about the things I couldn't write about in the highly prescriptive guidebooks I made my living writing. My first post 'Aleppo: …

What is Cool Travel Guide?2012-01-04T10:32:05+07:00

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There's a reason I haven't been blogging much these last few months - or rather, lots of reasons. Terence and I have been busy travelling, mainly through the Middle East - to Syria, …

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